According to BDS-515-88-M12 warranty period of the footwear is 30 days.Insurance covers manufacturing
defects.In occurrence of removable defects,including ripping off,the shoes are repaired by the manufacturer
within 20 working days,not to be replaced with a new pair or recovery of the amount.
Pre defects caused by improper use,no guarantee is given.
The cost of returning the product associated with the claim and submitting new shall be borne by the

2.Giving back and substitution of the products

Products reach you after passing numerous tests of quality.Thank you for choosing us and we would like
also to remind you that the frustration that can be caused by the goods which are not used as directed
for maintenance is not considered manufacturing flaw.
Replacement is performed  when the product you have purchased does not meet your expectations.
Within 7 days after receipt of the goods you have the right to return or replace the state in which you have
received.You can replace items with similar wages corresponding difference in the amount.

If necessary,a return of paid card amounts contracted and carried out by us,it will be done by us using
a credit card transaction in which the payment is done.

All transportation costs are borne by the customer.