1.After use clean your shoes from dust with a brush or damp cloth.
2.During wet whether clean shoes with polish or liquid parafin.Wet shoes must be dried at room temperature and
not in direct contact with stoves and radiators.This is one of the reasons for ripping off your shoes.
3.Do not wash shoes in a washing machine.
4.Use suitable creams for the maintenance of leather,like the color of the cream to meet the color of the leather.
In light colored skin,use a neutral cream shoes.
5.For cleaning and maintenance of shoes nubuck and suede,use a brush and paint nubuck and suede. Don\''t use water,which can cause staining.
6.If your shoe clamp,use spray expanding leather shoes.
7.To dry wet leather footwear you should fill them with tissue paper and placed away from heat sources.
8.Winter shoes are stored filled with soft paper,coated with cream and put in a box.

If you keep your shoes well,they will thank you!